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Same night courier service

Do you need a same night courier urgently?

-Simply contact a member of the team on 01438584500 or info@buzzfreight.co.uk 

Parcel deliveries shouldn't just be restricted to the day time. If you need a urgent delivery out of standard working hours, our incredibly fast same night courier service is perfect.

Same night courier

Times are changing...

Buzz Freight have researched and understand that many businesses operate over the hours that staff are physically onsite. Thanks to massive improvements in technology and various communication systems, a huge amount of businesses now consider themselves to be a 24 hour operation. Many services that once were only needed during the daytime, for example urgent parcel delivery services, are not so limited anymore. We have complete understanding that your business might need a parcel or urgent documents to be delivered throughout the night, most of the time to be delivered asap or in the morning.

This is how our same night delivery works

Buzz Freight's courier drivers operate throughout the day, on a 24 hour basis. All you need to do is get in touch with a member of our helpful traffic team so we can get back to you immediately so we can get your delivery process started. We'll then dispatch one of our overnight courier drivers that is nearest to your collection address. Once our courier has collected your parcel, they'll drive direct to the delivery location on a dedicated journey without making any stops along the way, providing an unrivalled door to door service.

Keeping our customers informed about their deliveries is very important to us, this is why we have implemented the customer portal into our website so you can track your order every step of the way and know where your parcel is at all times, you are also provided with a proof of delivery once the booking is complete.

Types of goods we deliver

Here at Buzz Freight, we aren't fussy on parcel dimensions and weights or the types of parcels we deliver. Whether you have a single box, document, sample, legal letter, pallets or anything else that you may need moving on a same night courier. We have a wide range of delivery vehicles and only provide dedicated services meaning we will provide exactly the vehicle you need for the items that you are transporting and no other items will be loaded into the vehicle whilst your delivery is onboard, this is what we call a door to door service.

If you need more information on our same night courier services, simply get in touch with a member of our traffic team via phone or email. We can discuss all of your delivery requirements or challenges and provide you with the solution you need to get your items delivered ASAP.

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